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Maimai be visible in the village of KASITHU on the road Butembo-ISALE, July 19th, 2017, they were there with spears and knives. They burnt the office of the intelligence service of KASITHU and sabotaged the barrier of KUNGUTHA July 19, 2017 July 19, 2017
General NYEMBO NGALUSHA PLACIDE is the new commander of the North Kivu PNC replacing General Vital AWACHANGO and General Charles Bisengimana replaced at the head of the PNC by General Bahigwa Amuli Deputy Chief of Staff General of Fardc July 18, 2017 July 17, 2017
To day the morning at 4:00am, July 18th, MaiMai / MAZEMBE launched the counter offensive to reconquer their HQ of KYAMBULI taken yesterday by the Maimai Nduma / NDC. The results of these hostilities show 3 wounded in the ranks of the NDC and 5 of Mazembe July 18, 2017 July 18, 2017
The Congolese Army has launched an assault on the positions of militiamen Maimai Mazembe since this morning in Vianze / Kipese. Maimai have left Vianze to Kandole village. July 17, 2017 July 5, 2017
This morning at 7:30, the Maimai Mazembe promises to attack the Commune of Lubero, they have just controlled the market of Kipese. They are at Luseke 4 km from Lubero center. July 15, 2017 July 4, 2017
7 PERSONS DEADLY IN A ROAD ACCIDENT IN THE RUTSHURU TERRITORY, NORTH-KIVU: The victims, including six girls and one boys were passengers in a FUSO vehicle from MUTANDA-KIBIRIZI (BWITO) for the city of GOMA. July 14, 2017 June 10, 2017
Mubana july 13th, 2017 1:00 am. The maimai have occupied the village of Mubana at east of Kipese since this morning. They burned the police office July 13, 2017 July 13, 2017
The group assassinated Mai Mai Mazembe allegedly attacked and burned the Congolese soldiers' camp in Kitsombiro Village, 75km from Butembo, on the night of 27 May to the morning of 28 May 2017. July 13, 2017 May 28, 2017
A group of presumed maimai were passing the night of July 6th, 2017 around 10:00 pm in Kitsombiro One of them was killed and they took away 3 military weapons July 12, 2017 July 6, 2017
More than 550 cases of cholera, including 6 deaths, are being hospitalized in the health centers of the City of Goma. The Vice Governor of the Province of North Kivu promises urgent care and palliative strategies to stop this epidemic situation. July 12, 2017 July 11, 2017
Attack in the village of Kakuka, grouping Banande Kainama by the presumed ADF around 2:30 pm July 11, 2017 July 5, 2017
The border village of Ishasha (DRC-Uganda) is under control of a Maimai group since 5:00am this morning. The Congolese army is preparing a response. July 11, 2017 July 11, 2017
The village Kasugho is completely under occupation of May Mai Nduma since evening July 11, 2017 May 26, 2017
A group of the Maimai attacked the Congolese army in the Village of Ngitse in South - Western of the Territory of Beni July 11, 2017 July 11, 2017
BENI: The camp of the Burusi park guards burned this evening by presumed Maimai. It is in Mount Kyabirimû that hosts of the gorillas in North Kivu July 11, 2017 July 9, 2017
Kasugho / Katoyo: There is a risk of clashes between militants May Mai Nduma and Mazembe since this morning. The Nduma took positions in the village while the Mazembe are in the surrounding bushes July 10, 2017 May 22, 2017
Two killed any many houses burned in Kibirizi July 8, 2017 Jan. 10, 2017
The position of the Fardc de Beni / Beu has been attacked since 8:00 this morning by unknown assailants to Maimai militiamen. 8:45' local time The Maimai are in Beni center now. July 7, 2017 June 22, 2017
Kirumba, Mr Tsongo Alex former President of the Football Team Mirage was killed yesterday at 20:00 at the Central Market of Kirumba by strangers July 7, 2017 July 6, 2017
The population of Kasugho leaves the village massively because of a leaflet that the Maimai Mazembe left in the village promising to come attack the Maimai Nduma because the state exams have just ended. July 5, 2017 June 23, 2017
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